Largest Horned Black Cattle in the Breed

Welcome to a new page of our site.  This page is to show off the largest horned true black born Texas Longhorns in the breed.  In the breed we have a lot of cattle being born red or brown and turning black later on in life, those cattle are commonly called "parker brown" or "parker black" as we call them.  These animals can not throw a black calf that's born that way without the mother being black or grulla.  This new page is not to run down cattle who are "parkers" but to inform people of just how rare the "true black" cattle are.  As of April 2020, according to Arrowhead Cattle Companies "Gallery of Horns" there is 836 Texas Longhorn cows with a horn length of 80" to over 100" tip to tip.  Of those 836 females only 17 are true black born cattle!  That's only 2% of the 80"+ females are black born.  Now what does that exactly mean you ask....why is there mostly white animals on this page???   Well an animal born white with black around the nose and ears is still considered to be born black, this doesn't mean solid black, just simply the color black there was present at birth.  A common mistake also we see is people thinking "homozygous" black cant be on a white female with black around her nose and ears, and that is untrue.  A cow or bull can be homozygous for black and only have a small percentage black, this just means that it will not throw the color red.  A homozygous black bull can throw only black or the diluted black color of grulla.   If you believe you have an animal that qualifies that we do not have listed please feel free to text or e-mail me photo's and I will look them over.  This year starts our 24th year in the business.  Many animals on this list we have personally owned and as well as other top ranches we want to promote how unique and amazing these black born animals are that have horn exceeding the 80" mark in bulls and cows, with currently only one cow breaking 90 and no bulls.  As well as we want to promote the steers of the breed that have 100"+.   We sold at the time the largest tip to tip steer in the world Lazyj's Bluegrass, who was also the 3x Guinness Book of World Records holder for $48,000, topping the all time record for a longhorn steer sale.  He not only was the largest tip to tip in the world over 10', but he was the largest true black steer in the world too which added to his rarity not only to mention horn, but the color factor was there too.  Currently only 4 steers in the world are black born steers over the 100"+ mark out of tens of thousands of steers out there who have been born.  Thanks again we hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the largest horned black cattle of the Texas Longhorn breed.  ~ Joe Sedlacek

True Black Bulls 80"+

True Black Cows 80"+

True Black Steers 100"+

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